13-year old author and motivation speaker from Austintown seeks to inspire all ages

AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – In most ways, Reagan Nevels from Austintown is like many 13-year old girls.

Nevels loves activities such as dancing and playing tennis, and she has many goals and dreams.

She is also, however, a published author and motivational speaker.

“I’ve really always known that I’ve always wanted to be a doctor or a singer, but I never realized I would want to be a motivational speaker,” Nevels said.

Nevels spoke to 27 First News while sitting in her favorite chair, which is where she wrote her book, “Vision Collision.”

This book led her down a new path when she won a publishing deal in July of 2017.

“It was a one out of five-hundred chance of me getting this. I was just really happy because there were a lot of other young people that were older than me and I was 11 at the time.”

Not long after landing the deal, people started asking Nevels to give motivational speeches. 

She has given about 40 speeches, traveling as far as Wisconsin in some cases. Nevels said she has mostly spoken to other kids in schools. 

“For them to see kids like me, to see what I’m doing and the goals that I’m accomplishing as a 13-year old published author,” Nevels said. 

After reading “Vision Collision,” she wants people, regardless of their age, to combine the things they love into a single goal or career.

“There have been adults coming to me, telling me that they are going to start finishing their PhDs. They are going to get back into school, they are going to start pouring into their children more to accomplish their dreams and goals.”

Nevels makes time to do her school work, post weekly inspirational videos on Instagram, design her favorite glasses and write a new book. 

She said the money earned from selling books on Amazon, as well as shirts and glasses on her website, is going toward her college goals. 

“Don’t use your age as an excuse. Don’t say you’re too young or too old to do something.”