How hyperlocal makes sense? | Tanmaay Khurana | [email protected]

How hyperlocal makes sense? | Tanmaay Khurana | TEDxYouth@CIRS

Youngest among the speakers, his dynamism is quite expressed as he brings to the platform the story of Jhutpat, his story. Talking about the hurdles he and his friend faced, relying on innovation and no experience to make their start-up successful, he highlights the importance of passion and imagination to create an impact on daily life. Most teens are content with securing admission into a good college, but that wasn’t the case with Tanmaay Khurana. He and his friend decided to embrace entrepreneurship while pursuing their degree course. Their hyperlocal delivery start-up, Jhutpat, offers instant pickup and delivery across Delhi-NCR for small and medium businesses that need anywhere between five and 100 deliveries a day. Their start-up won the TYE Regionals at TiE Delhi NCR, followed by the Best Innovation Award at the TYE Globals in the US for its “execution, trials, market research, and teamwork”. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at