Negative and Positive Masculinity | Dayan Masinde | TEDxStateHouseRoad

Negative and Positive Masculinity  | Dayan Masinde | TEDxStateHouseRoad

Dayan Masinde, a Relationships and Marriage Counselor in this talk explains how negative and positive masculinity in Africa contributes to human relations. Dayan Masinde is a relationship and marriage counsellor who helps individuals heal and understand themselves and walks with men and women towards building strong relationships and families through practical steps and support.
Together with his wife Akello Oliech, he has written numerous books including MOTO MOTO COUPLE, MANHOOD SERIES, WOMANHOOD SERIES, GOOD SEX BAD SEX and MY PRAYER STRATEGY, a 60 day prayer guide for couples.
As a couple, they also impact lives through Facebook Groups and Pages tailored for relationships. One called SINGLE & SAVED with over 140,000 members that prepares singles for marriage and helps them find themselves and maximize their singlehood, and MARRIED & SAVED for the married.
Dayan uses online media and broadcast media partnering with SWITCH TV, Citizen TV, NTV and Standard Media Group to present fresh and relevant content to deal with today’s relationship with self, spouse, partner, children and society. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at