Stamford using two losses as motivation

November 21, 2018 – The Stamford Bulldogs are still alive as we head into the second round. 

Earlier in the season, head coach Ronnie Casey’s team looked unbeatable, but after losses to Clyde and Hawley, everybody found out they were human. 

Those loses hurt at the time.

Since then, the players and the coach say the team learned a lot, and they are using those lessons in the postseason. 

Peyton Bevel said, “I think going into the playoffs, it taught us that we can be more hungry, we’re not going to see anything we haven’t seen before, we’ll know how to bounce back off of our mistakes, and not let us get down on ourselves and we’ll weather the storm as our coaches would say.”

Tre Mitchell said, “It’s definitely made us stronger, of course it was an awful night, we didn’t enjoy it, but it did make us all stronger, it made us realize that anybody can be beaten, even the best of the best, so we settled down and started being the poetry in motion.”

Ronnie Casey said, “It taught our guys to be more hungry, have a little bit more passion, more drives about themselves and this team.”

The Bulldogs continue the playoffs on Friday. 

They play New Deal in Snyder at 1 p.m.